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Amazing new packages and payment for Term 4 – Bookings Open


We are super-excited to announce that bookings for Term 4 are NOW OPEN!!

We welcome you to book in for Term 4 lessons. We are offering you priority booking and first access to our exciting new packages.

We have listened to your feedback and have made some flexible options for you.

NEW and EXCITING payment options

We have options for EARLY BIRDS who want a great price but don’t value make-up lessons, our STANDARD PRICE with the make-up lessons that you require for your hectic lifestyle and the time to pay off your invoice and our PAYMENT PLAN to make your budgeting easier.

You can now view our timetable, express your interest in lesson time and pay online at a time that is convenient to you! (Coming soon!!)


Although one swimming lesson a week is incredibly valuable to your child’s learn to swim progress and survival skills – we have provided discounts to those children looking to advance their swimming, we recommend you explore how our multiple lesson packages could help your child progress.


We have restructured our Learn to Swim programs for Term 4 with the creation of our C-Me Excel Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and the tweaking of our Level 2 and 3 curriculum. Bill has been putting his 25 plus years of national and international learn to swim teaching and coaching expertise into developing a new structure and curriculum to meet the needs of our swimmers.  We will advise you of your child’s level when you book.

Term dates 2018



Term 4 2018

10 weeks - October 8th - December 15th 

Contact reception now to book 2018 classes.


Book now at or Phone reception 40532549

Connections Program

The connections program is unique to C-Me Swim, and is offered at no additional cost to the family. Connections take place at the discretion of C Me Swim staff when a child is identified of needing this additional support.

The goal of our connections program is to provide opportunity for the child to build an attachment with their instructor. This personalised session bridges the gap of learning, fostering the social and emotional development of the individual child.

Connections are timetabled at a time where we can provide a private setting allowing time for the relationship to develop and evolve. Conversations with parents are an important part of the process and are a valuable tool used in subsequent planning.

With a 95% success rate, we aim to integrate the child back into their original class once they have developed a trusting relationship with their instructor.

A child is identified as needing connections when they may have been upset in their class, crying for 3 or more weeks. They may have a great fear of water, additional learning needs, or a dramatic change in their personal life which can trigger unsettled behaviours and lack of confidence in the water.

Swimming isn't a seasonal sport! 

Our heated pool allows children to swim all year round.

Remember drowning doesn't discriminate, children do drown in winter! Our message is simple "Swim Swim Swim"





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